Display document reference number in endnote


I am writing a long paper with a lot of references. I like how endnote is loading the references from that document in a separate group but I cannot find the feature to display the reference number from the document in Endnote. In other words, I would like to be able to spot more easily which one is the reference number [XX] in my document. 

Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance for your answers

If I’m interpreting your question correctly you could: 1) turn-off Endnote’s “Instant Formatting” and convert the citations and bibliography to unformatted citations; next 2) change your current Endnote output style file to the “Numbered” output style then update the citations and bibliography which will replace the in-text citations with numbers corresponding to those in the bibliography list; and finally 3) turn-on Endnote’s “Instant Formatting” which would generate the numbers as you continue to work on your document.

When you no longer need to use the Numbered output style just change back to your original Endnote output style file and update citations and bibliography which replaces the numbering with your preferred output style’s formatting.

Thank you for your answer, unfortunately it does not answer my question.

My question is on the endnote side not the word side. I made a mockup (attached) to explain better what I am looking for.

I would like to see in EndNote the number that is in the word document for a given reference. In other words being able to sort the reference in Endnote in function of their order of appearance in the word document.

Thank you again for your help

Thanks for the mock up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear at this time that such a list can be generated/viewed within Endnote (although list could be generated in MS Word). You might consider submitting a request on the Product Suggestions section of the forum.

Too bad, thank you for your help

I’ll submit the idea, hopefully it get implemented.

any news on this topic?

Any news on this topic? i could really use that too.

Chris,  I am able to do what you want.

My bibliographic records were converted to End Note from Reference Manager and assigned a record number.  Customer serice helped with this.  New references are assigned a sequental record number.  The Record Number can be seen in the Reference LIst Panel on my computer by adding the Record Number to the Display Fields.  This is done by Edit-Preferences–see the Introduction to EndNote in the Help Menu.

Hope this helps,