Full name in-text citation?


Is it possible to get the full name in an in-text citation? Would like to avoid working with prefixes as it causes extra work. Purpose is for interviews where I would like the following in-text citation (first last, dd-mm-yyy). Guess another solution would be to create a complete new style but haven’t found the possiblity to set different styles on an individual reference level.

Any hints or tips appreciated.

Best regards

It is very easy to adapt any style you are using to show the full name.  Edit>output style, edite “(your current output style)” and go to the citation, author name setting as shown in the attachment.  To get the date configuration - are you inputing the date in the year field exatly as you want it to appear?  If so, then you can leave the citation template as (Author, Year).  If you are putting that information in another field, then replace the Year with the alternative field name – see 2nd attachment. But the citation field applies to ALL reference types, so it can’t be different for just interviewees.  

For interviewees only citations,  another way you could achieve this is a work around, where you would enter the interviewee’s name in the order you want it to appear (John Brown) in the record’s author field and add a trailing comma to the end.  It will now appear in the citation as John Brown - but it will also appear that way in the bibliography.   Then include the full date info as you want it to appear in the Year field.