Displaying 'custom groups' in output style

I was wondering if there was a way to edit an output style to display the ‘custom groups’ information found in the Record Summary. I am using the Mac version of EndNote X7.

If you are using the desktop version of Endnote you can edit and output style to include custom fields from Endnote records. (Are you referring to an Endnote record when you say “Record Summary”?)

If you wish to display field attributes from (custom) groups the output style could be edited to include those fields. Then you can generate output by selecting a group then generating the output. (Note you will need to work one group at a time unless you aggregate all of the groups’ references into a new group which in turn would allow you to generate a single output which incorporates all the references from the various groups.)

If you are referring to something else please explain further and provide examples/screenshots.

I assume you mean record summary as the right click 1st choice – where it lists the groups that a record is a member of (see attached).  As  far as I know there is no field that contains this information – The only way to get it into a field is to select the group and globally edit a custom field to reflect the current group.  Easy to do the first time, but not so easy to keep updated as you add new records to each group. 

Definitely something you might want to consider proposing in the Suggestions forum. (Minerva1 has already suggested some ideas (1) and (2) about groups there).