adding additional author information for output?


I’m maintaining references for authors that are in several groups/focus groups and we want the groups to be identified in the author output. 

Ie:  Smith JD (Group1),  Jones B,  White K (Group 2)… (rest of reference)

I would love to be able to identify the groups when adding the reference 
Smith JD (Group 1)

Jones B 

White K (Group 2) 

However, when I format the () are removed.  The rest of the reference is just fine.  How would I set up a custom (or modifiy an exsiting reference output, say NIH) for this to output?


What you could do is to: 1) create a custom field (“Group”) in the applicable Endnote reference type templates (e.g., Journal Article, Book, etc.) to contain the designated group number; and 2) modify the Endnote bibliography reference templates to include the custom field as shown below (the square represents the Link Adjacent command syntax),

Author| (■Group■)|.

Note: From your description it sounds like you’re placing the group number in the Author field following the first author’s name (?) Depending upon the Endnote output style citation templates this may pose a problem with the in-text citations. Setting up a custom field may alleviate this issue.

Try inserting the authors in your record like this (note the double comma in those with the group number.  This should retain the Group number in the “bibliography” but not the citation itself.  

Iwasaki, M. (Group 1)
Liedtke, M. (Group 2)
Gentles, A. J.
Cleary, M. L.

Of course this would require a dedicated library for this project, and assume the groups don’t change report to report.  

There is no way that I know of to modify the bibliography in the way you describe after the fact, apart from permanently unlinking the bibliography from endnote (convert to plain text) and doing it manually.  – no “alias” capability for authors in Endnote.