Moving custom output styles between X7 Mac and PC

Hi, Im struggling with moving a custom output style bteween computers. I created a new style for my thesis on the desktop Mac version of endnote X7, hoping to easily use it on the work PC I am formatting my PhD thesis on. 

I (wrongly) assumed that syncing with online would enable me to do this, however from what I can gather custom output syles dont sync with endnote online. 

Whats the most straight forward way to do this… with only a few weeks until I submit I really want to avoid wasting any time duplicating work?

Any help is hugely appreciated :slight_smile:

The location of your custom Output Styles would vary by the version of the software. By default, the locations of your custom Output Styles would be as follows:

EndNote X2 and later:

Windows XP/7 : My Documents\EndNote\Styles

Windows Vista and later: Documents\EndNote\Styles

Mac OS : Documents\EndNote\Styles

To verify the Style folder location, click on the Edit menu (or EndNote menu on the Mac) and select Preferences. Click on Folder Locations and note the path to the Styles folder. You can then transfer your custom style to the other computer.

I email it to myself, open it (it should open automatically in Endnote) and then from Endnote save as, and it should save it to the custom styles folder (as above) on the new machine and be available from Endnote although the first time, you will likely have to view all styles and select or open the styles manager to tick it as one of your preferred styles.  –

Alternatively you can copy the “custom location” styles folder from one computer to another via a cloud folder - or even share the files on a cloud or network folder.  Unlike the library and .DATA folder, these types of files seem to have no problem being shared in that way.  You can change your Endnote preferences to use that location rather than the default my Documents or Documents location. Just make sure that location is not write protected.   

more details about installing styles is here:

Thanks very much for the detailed and prompt response, great advice :slight_smile: