DO NOT ALLOW library sharees to save a copy or save compressed version of shared library

Right now, EndNote simply recommends against saving a copy or saving a compressed version of a library that has been shared with you, but EndNote actually needs to make it impossible for sharees to do so.

I am working in a shared library owned by a colleague that has been shared with about 10 other colleagues. The library has around 800 references and dozens of PDF attachments. One of the other sharees wanted to save a copy of the library before deleting a bunch of references she had added - she was trying to create her own backup. She saved a compressed version without attachments, opened the file, and it synced with the owner’s, effectively deleting ALL attachments in the shared library.

Documentation on the EndNote website is extremely spotty on this point - that a saved copy of a shared library will still continue to sync to the owner’s library. EndNote should make Save A Copy and Compressed Library grayed out to prevent sharees from even attempting this. Or in the very least, a warning window should appear letting the sharee know that their copy will continue to sync.

The owner was able to recreate the library from a backup she had made, but the backup was a week old at that point and did not contain many of the updates that had since been made. It should not only be up to the library owner to consistently backup - the product needs to also prevent these kinds of mistakes from happening.

I agree.  If not, then there should be a revision tracking or automatic back up feature.  Ideally, one should be able to decide what level of access those we share with will have, and clear warnings to both the owner and the sharee, when syncronization features are on, and the consequences.