Do not go to group when adding to group

When I am chugging thru my umpty-hundred References, adding one or another to various Custom Groups, every time I add a reference to a group the References pane display shifts to display the Custom Group–OUCH!  It’s a supreme pain in the tuchis to have to manually switch back to All References mode and then frame-down to get back to wherever I was working in All References.  And it’s just as bad when I’m working in one Custom Group and add a Reference to another Custom Group.  Please, don’t switch Custom Group-selected view unless I ask for it!

To me, better to leave it in the current way. I often drag a reference mistakenly to the adjacent group, and showing which group I dragged to is a confirmation I did it right.

Preference to this function is related to how often you do the grouping job. If you have hundreds and thousands of entries, and want to group them in one day, going to the group view after dragging entries is annoying. But once you go through all the grouping, and occasionally and carefully drag a few references to groups, showing the group is a convenient confirmation.

Having a preference choice is a better idea rather than fix it one way.

EndNote X2.01 / X2.02 do not switch focus from All References to a Custom Group when using the right-click menu or drag and drop to move references. If you are using an older version of EndNote, you can upgrade to the latest version to get the desired behavior.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Every time I cite another reference in my Word document, EndNote X4 goes back to the temporary group of references cited in the document.  I must then manually switch back to All References, which takes several seconds.

How can I turn off this extremely annoying and time-wasting behavior?   None of these increasingly desperate attempts at workarounds is satisfactory:

  1. Search on-line documentation , including this forum:  The closest I found was Hide groups and this forum thread, neither of which provided a solution.
  2. Groups → Hide groups :  X4 stll switches to the temporary group anyway.  Such hidden behavior is especially insidious.
  3. Delete the temporary group :  X4 recreates it as soon as I cite a reference.
  4. Create a Custom Group of “All my references:”  X4 switches from it to the temporary group after every CWYW.
  5. Cite all ~1500 references to force them into the temporary group:  slows down EndNote too much.

Help!  Thanks.  - Jack

The upcoming EndNote X4.02 update should change this behavior so that you are not automatically re-directed to the ‘document auto-group’ when returning from Word to EndNote.

We plan to have the free X4.02 updates for both Windows and Macintosh publicly available in the next few weeks.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team