how to stop it from switching to a different group after inserting references??

I just upraded to X4 (on a Mac 10.6 with Office 2011). I notice a new behavior: it now makes a new group with the references from the current document. That’s fine; but the bad part is that when I find  and then insert a bunch of references into the document, the Endnote window switches into a view (group, on the left frame) where it shows me the group of refs from that document and I have to click back to “search results” to go back to the group where I was - an extra click. How to disable this?!?



I believe an upcoming patch will fix this annoying behaviour. 

Was this patch ever released?  I am running into this issue and it is quite annoying.


I think it has.  What version of endnote are you running on which operating system?  Have you run the update from Help? 

I just tried it with x4.0.2 and it appears to be fixed.


I am running Endnote X4 (Build 6695) on the Mac OS X