Does anybody know how to change the way the author is displayed for just one reference in a library?  I’m using APA 5th style but I need to put in a reference where the author is “World Health Organisation” - I need it to be displayed like this but, at the moment, it gets displayed as “Organisation, W.H.” Any suggestions?



World Health Organization,

note the trailing comma. 

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I have a related question. How can I set the output style (also in APA 5th style) for a corporate author so that the second and subsequent citations appear with the acronym, not the full name of the organization? That is, I want the first time I cite it to be (World Health Organization (WHO), 1948) and every other time after that would be (WHO, 1948).


Jennifer V.

For a workaround, see this FAQ.

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Thanks. I had found that solution already, but what I’m hoping for is an automated solution that doesn’t involve going into each individual citation. EndNote can handle the variations of numbers of authors and et al. placement in subsequent citations, but programmers don’t seem to have caught up with the variations on corporate authors very well. Having to manually fix each individual citation quickly loses the benefit of a bibliographic management package.