Cursor jumping

When I insert a citation, the cursor jumps down to the reference list. How can I resolve this problem? Thanks

Hello Betty,

There is a FAQ for resolving this on the website:

I’m having a similar problem but I can’t solve it by the solution here.

Based on the solution, a new document will be created but the references are all gone.  What to do next?

I tried to “format the bibliography” but it still doesn’t help.

thanks for your help

This solution worked perfectly for me (Word 2007, EndNote X2). The only step that wasn’t completely clear was what to do with the new document that had the unformatted citations.  I clicked Update Citations and Bibliography", and raw text in brackets became formatted citations; i.e., everything went back to normal, and the cursor jumping was gone as well.

You may also have to turn back on CWYW, from the format bibliograph menu. 

The link in the original answer is now a page fault.  Here is the new link