Does anyone have an MLA 9th style our admin can upload?

Hi! I was wondering if anyone has created an MLA 9th style that our administrator could upload for the MLA 9th addition? I reached out to EndNote support and it looks like they don’t have an MLA 9th output style. Does anyone have one they would be willing to yet us use? I would be so grateful!


Lorelei Rutledge

Any idea how different it is from prior versions?

I think there are very minor changes.

A list of the major changes: MLA 9th Edition Changes - Purdue OWL® - Purdue University

@leanne @rutledgl

I agree with @rutledgl – none of the things I am seeing should affect the existing MLA 8th endnote style document. Are there specifics items that you feel are wrongly reflected?

Well, so here is just one example that doesn’t seem quite right. Here is the Statute style in MLA 8th, both a general version and a specific example:

Author. “Name of Act (Statute Style).” Code, session ed., vol. Code Number, Source, Year, p. pp., sections. Access Date.

“Housing and Community Development Act of 1974.” United States, 94 ed., vol. 42, ProQuest Congressional, 1974, 5301. United States Congress,.

Here is what it should look like, according to MLA

United States, Congress, House. United States Code. Title 17, section 304, Office of the Law Revision Counsel, 14 Jan. 2017,

It would be ideal if there was one style for US code (public law) instead of just the general statutes.

However, I don’t think it is super common to cite in MLA style for legal documents, so that could be why

So it wasn’t right in 8th either. Very few of the style sheets address every single reference type that you might run across. It is why Endnote is adaptable and you can add a template for a less commonly used reference type to fit your needs. You can make a new reference type for US code or amend the general statutes one if you only ever cite US code. So no one will have created a new MLA that meets everyone else’s needs. And if they created a new reference type, it wouldn’t exist in your Endnote installation, and wouldn’t be useful to you without first sharing the “ref type” exported table for importing into each of your users desktop endnote programs, and then that endnote style might be applied by the users. The real strength of the MLA style guide is that it is pretty flexible and it really designed to make sure readers can find the original publications and resources.