Don't want publisher names abbreviated in Numbered output style

Hi, hoping somebody here can help.  I’m using the Numbered output style, and when I enter a publisher name that has a comma in it, it abbreviates it in the output.  For example, if I enter

Desert Research Institute, Center for Water Resources Research

it outputs as D.R.I.C.f.W.R.R.

I tried removing the comma in the style template, but that didn’t help.

Everything I’ve read said EndNote only uses abbreviations in the journals, authors, and keywords terms lists.  I really want to get this bibliography to print out correctly, so please help if you can.



What is the reference type and what field have you placed the publisher in?  

(but it is very strange because even if it were mapping the publisher to a author field you should get something like 

Desert Research Institute, C.f.W.R.R.  which could be rescued by putting a double comma in the middle and a comma at the end.)