End of text reference adds features I don't want.

Hi, my end of text references contain all the information I want, but Endnote adds inverted commas around the journal article title and underlines the journal name. How do I specify exactly what I want my end-of-text to look like? Also, page numbers don’t show on my in-text citation. Need to fix this also.

Any help would be appreciated. Im very new to Endnote. Sorry if this is novice stuff.


The bibliography’s appearance is determined by EndNote’s bibliography template.  So for example, removing the inverted commas and underlining would involve modifying the Journal Article bibliography template.  For generating page numbers fr in-text citations, it sounds like the pagination field is missing from the citation template.

What output style are you using?

ADDED EDIT:  To clarify, refer to the attached image which shows the APA 6th output style’s bibliography template (top image) and the citation template (bottom image).  The bibliography template comprises fields and formatting for generating the bibliography.  Items may be deleted or field formatting may be changed by selecting/highlighting the field and clicking the range of options (italic, bold, underline, etc.) at the top of the window.  The citation template illustrates the inclusion of page numbers.

To access the output style go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT name of the style you’re using. Then in the style’s dialog box select from the list of choices shown in the left column.   Note that any modifications made to the output style will be saved as a “Copy” (e.g. APA 6th Copy) so adjust EndNote and MS Word to use the file copy and not the original file.

Just to add that there are thousands and thousands of output styles already created.  If you are targeting a certain journal, it may already exist under that name and you can download it from the endnote.com website.  This is most easily accessed from the Endnote help menu, Web styles finder.  just download it (open and it will open in endnote) and save as, to an appropriate name.  Again, you need to apply this new style to your manuscript thru the endnote tools in word, as mentioned by CG. 

Even if it doesn’t exist, it maybe that there is another style that more closely matches your needs.  But sometimes it is just easiest to modify one that is close than trawling thru the thousands.  (While you can view outputs in the Endnote>edit style> Open style manager, for those already in your output style collection, it doesn’t tell you the citation style in the preview.)

Thanks CG, that sure was a comprehensive answer. Everything you instructed me to do worked. Thanks again.