Double blank space in In-Text Citations for references without an Author.

The reference Title correctly takes the place for the empty Author variable in the resulting citation, however a double space between the Title and Year (in the In-Text Citation) is incorrect.

How can I cause EndNote to generate the below In-Text Citation without the incorrect double blank space?

Output Style Edit – Citations – Templates (for In-Text Citations):

“ (|Author Year)”

That is: [‘blank space’, “(“, ‘link adjacent text’, “Author”, ‘blank space’, “Year)”]


“ (The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) Camera Conceptual Design Report 2011)”

That is: [‘blank space’, “(The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) Camera Conceptual Design Report“, ‘blank space’, ‘blank space’, “2011)”]

(I have tested both (ordinary) blank space and forced separation between Author and Year, in the Template, with no effect on the double blank space.

I have double-checked that the reference do not have an incorrect blank space trailing the Title or an incorrect blank space in the Author variable (the latter would also not cause the result described, as the Author variable would not be empty.))

(|Author|*Year|) so the link adjacent space is linked to Year and separated from Author.

where the * is the “link adjacent space”