Remove Double Space from Citation

Hi all,

For some reason, when I insert a citation with the author name as part of the text ("Insert and Display as: Author (Year)) I get a double or sometime triple space between the author name and the year.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Not sure if it is a word issue or an EndNote issue. Screenshot attached.

Thanks in advance!

  • Dan

you need to tell us what output style you are using, and what is in the Author (year) citation template. (see template attached file to see if it differs)

or is that author with extra spaces, a single author or does it happen to be more than 2 authors? (see author attached file to see if setting are correct.  pay special attention to whether is is more than one space in the boxes.)


Thanks for your advice, all sorted now!! I just had to change the citation ctyle as shown in your image. Thank you so much!!