Double-bracket delimiters

It happens once in a while that articles use the whole set of available brackets: regular, curly, square etc.

Is it possible to modify the cwyw functionality such that it only reacts (maybe as an alternate option) e.g. to double curly brackets (like ‘{{’ and ‘}}’) thereby allowing to use single curly brackets as part of the text.

Currently I have to remember where I want to use the curly brackets, use say square brackets instead (which I then also use in another context) and do the final replacement in the pdf that is submitted for review.

This may sound like a minor point, but as all kinds of brackets have their particular meaning in mathematics, it can actually happen quite regularly…

Perhaps that could be useful, but you can already use any pair of unique markers to delimit the references: pairing any of these?   <  >  @   ^  ~


Thanks, I know.  Maybe I am just more creative, who knows.  Anyway, I actually use most of the available standard ANSI characters, at least when you combine several articles.  That means you would have to change the delimeters for different manuscripts and remember (and change) the ones for the article you are currently working on - not exactly convenient. (Or do the workaround that I mentioned above and change some brackets later in the pdf.)  Anyway, just as a suggestion, maybe it is not so hard to implemement in the next version?!

Btw - could I also use non-standard characters as delimeters?  I will try that and see how it works…