CWYW mistakes (115-299mmol/L) and [200-300] as references


The fault is undoubtfully mine, but when i use the cite while you write funktion in Endnote X4 for mac OS X, in word when i input a new citation, the system tries to look up numbers in (Number) and in [Number].

It seems to confuse my CWYW funktion and it takes for ever to imput new reference.

thank you


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It sounds like your temporary citation “mark” has been changed to either regular parentheses or square brackets (but it can’t be both?).  There are two places this can be adjusted. The main permanant location for all newly created documents and also changes existing manuscripts, in the endnote preferences options for temporary citatation delimiters, or you can change it on the fly for a specific manuscript in the format bibliography dialog. 

images for both dialogs are attached.  You might not be able to easily tell, but the default for this is usually a curly bracket set {   }.


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That sure did the trick!

changed from [  ] to {  } and that helped.