Double references


I believe I posted a question in the wrong forum, therefore I post it again here in a revised version. 

EndNote has worked fine until yesterday, but now it inserts the reference more than once every time I press “Insert Selected Citation(s)”. The references get inserted multiple times and when I delete the extra references, EndNote sort of updates immediately and the references get inserted again automatically. It looks like this: 

“(Storm and Berg 2010, p. 10)(Storm and Berg 2010, p. 10)(Storm and Berg 2010, p. 10)(Storm and Berg 2010, p. 10)”. Does anyone have experience with this? Also, by accident I closed the EndNote Toolbar in Word and now I can’t figure out how to open it again. 

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(It would be great if you go to the duplicate message you posted in the “FORUM Discussion” - and delete it, so we don’t get two duplicate threads on this).

This is usually due to a field corruption in the word file.  –

Make a copy, and use the toolbar/ribbon options to Unformat the citations to temporary citations (NOT PLAIN TEXT) and then try reformating.  If that doesn’t work, you may want to first unformat to temporary and then convert to plain text and then reformat.  

If that doesn’t work then there is one more way to removed field codes using Word ( Remove field codes, there are several short cuts, but I use - first select all and then ctrl+shift+F9 in windows) – but this will also remove table of contents and fields of other types, if they are used in your document, which you should do after unformating to temorary citations.  \

This is described in more detail here: