End note adding duplicate cites one after another after I entered citation

Hi All,

I really need help.  I am writing my disseration and put the 5 chapters together and all of a sudden it started adding all these duplicates of the citation in my Word document (MSWORD 10)   that I am unable to get rid of.  Can anyone help?  I also then get error messages in Edndnote 5X that say I can’t make that call and that I should do a switch to command.  Here are screen shots of anyone can help me.  I endup having to shut down the programs and the cursor just goes round and round or over 15 minutes.  I also get an error that Call was rejected by Callee.  And then Word shuts down  HELP!!!

 Thanks in advance. 

Julie McCann


Suggest you start over - hopefully you maintained master copies of your original chapter files. Work systematically by first unformatting the citations for the first two chapters (i.e., chapters 1-2) then merge the two files. Then format the citations to see if any duplicate citations are generated.  If the duplicates appear in either or both chapters it may mean there are corrupted field codes which need to be corrected or possibly a corrupted MS Word file. If no duplicates appear, unformat the citations for both chapters 1-2 and now for chapter 3. Now merge chapter 3 to chapters 1-2; format the citations; check for duplicates; correct field codes if duplicates occur. Continue the process of unformatting, merging, formatting, checking/corrupted field codes until all 5 chapters have been merged and formatted.

An alternative method might be to unformat the citations for all five chapters, merge the files, then format the entire document but it may present some challenges in trying to isolate the problem(s) (e.g., corrupt field codes; corrupt .doc file).

Also note there’s an update for EndNote X5 (Windows):  http://www.endnote.com/support/ENX501_WinMac_updater.asp