Downgrade to x9.2 for Mac?


I accidentally updated endnote to x9.3 on a shared work Mac. This causes some issues with how my team uses endnote and I desperately need to downgrade back to 9.2. Is this possible? I don’t have the original installation file unfortunately, but of course our license is active and what not. We use Mojave and won’t be upgrading to Catalina for a bit because of other work apps that won’t function with it. Please help!

Please, can any Endnote employees help with this? I don’t see why this is unavailaible on the website. I can download the Mac x9.2 updater but it won’t do anything because I do not have x9.1 installed…

I emailed tech support and they directed me to install the x9.2 file for Windows…but I have a Mac and indicated that. Their link doesn’t work…

PLEASE HELP!!! I know I’m partly to blame for not saving the original installation file. Never making that mistake again…but I’ve paid for this and should really be able to downgrade to whatever x9 version I want and need to use.

There is a webpage with a installer downloads for EndNote X1- X9 for mac and windows  at  

If you have your licence key you should be able to download X9, then run updates to get to X9.2. If you don’t have the licence key, support should be able to send you it again.

Thanks, but I’ve tried this and it just downloads the latest x9.3 :(