Updating Endnote to X9.3.1


I updated my Mac to mac0S Catalina 10.15 not realising Endnote 8 wouldn’t be able to work with this update. 

I now can not open Endnote at all. I have downloaded the EndNote X9.3.1 Updater and ran the install but it keeps saying, "This updater was unable to find any copies of EndNote that could be updated to EndNote X9.3.1. 

Is there anything I can do? 

I suspect if you want to use catelina, you will need to upgrade your endnote copy to X9.  

Yes, I have the same issue. I’m using the licence from my institute (X9.0) and I need it installed in two computers. One installation of the updater went well but the other one has the “unable to find any copies …” issue. And I’m pretty sure that Endnote X9.0 is in the application folder. Any solutions so far?

Many thanks