Styles not pulling through to Word

Hello, I only have 21 styles pulling through to Word. All others, including edited and favourite styles, can be accessed/edited via the output style manager in Endnote but either 1) for new documents, do not show in the Word drop down menu for ‘configure bibliography’ or 2) for existing documents, they are in the drop down menu but when I select them I get an error message saying they are not in the folder. Both style folders have not been moved and the folder location preferences have not been changed. I can see edited styles being added to the folders and I have reset the location preference to the style folder just to see if that would maje a difference (it didn’t). Any help would be much appreciated! If nothing else works, is it wise to reinstall Endnote? Thanks!  

Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 (14F27)

Endnote X7.5.3. (I just updated before this started happening)