Downloading refs inconsistency

A colleague and I get different results when downloading from Springerlink.  I get complete references when I download an article using RIS, but when my colleague downloads the same article using RIS the author data is missing.

We are both using EndNote X, and I have checked in his EndNote preferences that the default Ref Type  is journal article. 

Can anyone suggest anything that might cause this inconsistency? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kath O’Shaughnessy

Check the folder locations: Edit>Preferences>Folder Locations.

Your colleague might have his Filters folder still pointing to an earlier version of EndNote.

If you both have the same settings for the Filters folder, copy the RefMan (RIS) filter from your Filters folder, and get your colleague to paste it into his Filters folder.

Thanks John.  My colleague followed your advice, and reports that everything is now downloading perfectly.  Much appreciated.