Endnote x9 Filter issues

New Endnote user here. Sorry in advance. 

I have been successful in having my citation (endnote(ris)) download to the application previously. Now however, when i open end note, it asks for filter (never did before) and there are 367 to choose from! Hoe do I know which one to use? I have chosen ProCite (ris) and it only downloads the author and article name, no other information. 

Three is a dropdown box from the article page that does have the following options.





Should I be selecting one of these and a particular filter? Or is there are setting I need to change somewhere? 

Using a Mac, downloading from Google Chrome. 

I have used this (Refman RIS) which I zipped a copy of, in the attached folder.  

RefMan RIS Copy.zip (14 KB)

The issue could be related to have downloaded numerous RIS files.

When attempting to export references using Chrome browser, users are always prompted to choose a program to open the file. Changing the browser setting to always open the files of the type using Research Soft Export Helper (Win) or EndNote (Mac) does not seem to work.

Check the Chrome downloads folder and clear the old files. When the downloaded files are of same name, Chrome automatically adds a numeric digit next to the file name starting from 1, for example: scholar (39).enw. This seems to fail when the counts exceeds 99, which in turn affects the auto open settings. Deleting the old files resolves the issue.

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