Downloading extra/not enough information into fields.

I have a client who is having major issues with downloading references into her EndNote library and it’s something I haven’t seen before, so hoping someone might have some ideas. (EndNote X1)

Problem 1. Only one author (out of a list of many) will import.

Problem 2. The journal title imports into the article title field in capitals, with the article title. It also imports into the Journal Title field normally.

e.g. Title: Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: An indication for immediate computed tomography brain imaging? RESUSCITATION.

Journal: Resuscitation.

She seems to think that it’s doing this no matter what database she is exporting from.

Any ideas?


Can you attach an example of the exported file (or is it direct export) and tell us which filter they are using? 

If direct export, try removing all filters from the filters folders except the RefMan (RIS) filter.  (just drag and drop them elsewhere).  The  location of this folder is probably buried in the program folder/endnote folder, which could be hidden in windows.