Dude, where is my library?

I am a heavy user of Endnote as I am concluding my Ph.D. In the beginning of the year I decided put all my library inside a Dropped folder that synced all files between three different computers (2 MAC OS and 1 PC). They all have different versions of the program (9, x1 and x2) and today, after I synced one computer suddenly it stopped working. When I try to open it a window shows that the document “could not be opened”. Trying to repair and restore the library does not solve the problem. Can anyone help me?

I suspect that maybe the syncing process mixed files from older versions. Do you know someone I could sent my files to understand what happened?

I found a bunch of .es1 files within a folder called “Spotlight”. What is the fast way to recover them?

You probably just moved the enl file and not the associated .DATA folder and contents where all the important stuff lives? 

You need to find that original Libraryname.DATA folder, and create and empty text file with the "libraryname.enl and then put that .enl file in the same folder as the .DATA folder (NOT IN THE .DATA folder).  Open the .enl file and it should magically recover the library.  From now on, when you want to move the library, either move both the file and the .DATA folder together, or create a compressed library.enlx file using the File >“compress library” facility.