duplicate bibliographies? (word2010/endnoteX4)

(Looking around Google for awhile, I couldn’t find anybody having a similar problem, so I’m coming here.)

Whenever I add a reference to my dissertation, it duplicates the entire bibliography.  My lists of bibliographies are now taking up over 100 pages in the document.  I can simply select all but one of them and delete them, but as soon as I close/reopen the document, the dozens and dozens of bibliographies reappear.  I don’t want to send this document out to my committee with this potential issue.

Any ideas what could be causing this, and how I can fix it?

Much thanks,

Joe G.

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Have you tried unformatting then reformatting the citations/biibliography? 

  1. First, as a safety precaution, make a backup file copy of your dissertation. Then use this backup file copy  to unformat/reformat the citations/bibliography by going to the EndNote tab in the MS Word ribbon then in the “Bibliography” section click on “Convert Citations and Bibliography” and select: Convert to Unformatted Citations.

  2. You’ll notice the in-text citations in the document have been converted to EndNote field codes. Next format the citations by returning to the EndNote tab in the MS Word ribbon.  In the “Bibliography” section click to select: Update Citations and Bibliography.


And if that doesn’t work, unformat and remove field codes (ctrl+shif+F9), delete any residual bibliography and reformat.  This will clean up any corrupted field codes.

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Thanks to both of you.  I just found a similar thread detailing this fix (unformatting/removing field codes/updating).  Worked like a charm.  Then found another great post explaining how I can simply move the placement of the bibliograpy from the end of the document to the appropriate section.  Wonderful!

Thanks to the forum for keeping these threads around.  I was having this same problem years ago, found this thread to fix it.  Then didn’t think about it again until I just switched to Word 2013.  The duplicate bibliographies showed up again.  It had been so long since I had to fix it, I had not remembered how to do it.  The switch to Word 2013 “reset” the old duplicate bibliography problem, but the old fix listed here still works.

Thanks a lot. The same problem occurred when I updated my Office to 2016. The fix mentioned here (unformatting then reformatting) worked like a charm. Microsoft Word 2016, EndNote 7.4

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Hello everybody. 

I am using Word 2013 in a PC and EndNote 6 and the solution you (and many others online) have posted is not working for me. 

I clicked on EndNote X6 ribbon > Bibliography > Convert Citations and Bibliography > Convert to Unformatted Citations. 

Then I have tried selecting all (Ctrl+A) and then either Ctrl + Shift + F9  or Ctrl + 6 (as indicated in another Thomson Reuters Community blog) to remove all hidden codes. 

Then, I copied the whole text to a new Word document, and clicked on EndNote X6 ribbon > Bibliography > Update Citations and Bibliography    and it does still have the bibliography repeated many (many!!) times. 

This has never happended to me and I have worked on more than 20 different Word documents using exactly the same programs. 

I would really appreciate you help. 


can you PM me, and perhaps I could look at the document in a dropbox or google drive?  

I am assuming that there is no bibliography remaining in the document at all, after you unformat (return to temporary citation version) the citations  – if there is, delete it before reformating.  I also never have had to copy and paste it into a new document at this point.  

hello, i faced the same probelm. and i tried to follow your instruction.but i didnt work :frowning:

endnote 7.0 and microsoft word 2013.

The reference list hadn’t disappeared when I unformatted the citations, so I’ve deleted the list, as you said. I’m now working with unformatted citations (and therefore no reference list showing), because I’m afraid to reformat and have the problem all over again.


I have the same problem with my thesis but id didn’t work that way…after unformatting, this question came up: Endnote X9 select matching reference. It didn’t remove duplicated bibliography - I tried to answer this question with Ignore all and Insert. 

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your answer

it s first time i see this problem

I have exactly the same problem. unfromatting and formatting doesn’t work. I’ve deleted and unformatted. I’ve unfromatted and deleted. I unfromatted and pressed control+shift+ f9. no luck and its getting to be desparate. I have too identical full Bibliographies. One in its proper place and the other at the end of the thesis. Please help!