Word 2013 and EndNoteX7 creating multiple bibliographies at the end of document


I have been using endnote for some time and have multiple documents but only one seems to be corrupt. I have read the previous feed on this problem but none of the resolutions worked for me. I have tried unformatting and reformatting. I have no page breaks in the document, my settings are set to one complete bibliography at the end of the document. 

Please help.



Can you change the file name to .txt and attach it here?  Tell us the correct extension (.docx?) and we can try to open it and see if wwe can figure it out. Or PM me and share on dropbox/google drive?  

In addition to the usual steps to convert to unformatted citations, clean up the field codes reformat, if there is any residual bibliography remaining, delete those, before updating the citations and bibliography. If it doesn’t disappear, it is likely that the bibliography itself contains some corrupt code.   

Thank you very much for your help with this issue :smiley: It is back to normal now