Erroneous duplicate bibliographies

I am typing a paper in WORD 2010 using Endnote X5.  Every time I add a reference to a paper, the complete bibliography is inserted again at the end of the paper so that I end up with multiple bibliographies.  I have never experienced this before in several other papers on the same computer and the same software.  Any one have any ideas what I need to do to correct the problem?

The easiest way to sort this out is to treat it as a corruption, and follow these instructions: 

I have followed the instructions and done it twice but it keeps happening?

need more details then.  Versions of software (Word/Endnote) and operating system (Windows Mac and versions).  What are you doing exactly when it happens.  Is the document and/or endnote library on a cloud drive or desktop.  Is anyone else working on the document?  on what (all of the above) versions.  Something is obviously causing a corruption.  

Word is version 15.39.17101000 2017

endnote cite while you write version

Mac 0s Sierra version 10.12.6

I am working on a word document that saves to google drive, when I insert a reference into the main text using insert citation, it adds it into a duplicate list of references . No one else working on the document but I work on it from my computer at work but dont use endnote there. 

Any help much appreciated.


same version of word in both places?  (Make sure one isn’t on “fast track” updating, as Endnote isn’t compatible with the beta mac versions).  

would have to check, not there until friday

Ok So I am using a MAC OS Sierra, version 10.12.4

Word is 2011 version 14.7.1(161129)

When I use endnote on other word documents its not happening only this one particular file/assignment.

Thanks Claire

If it is document specific, then it is a corruption in the document.  Not sure why it should recur after the cleanup steps?  You aren’t copying and pasting the bibliography to a different place, with auto formating on, are you?  

Thanks for your help, I managed to get it done by manually putting in the references after the clean up.