Duplicate references after sharing library


As the title says - I recently shared a library with somebody, and the next day when I open EndNote, I see my it now has double the number of references it had yesterday, because each individual entry has been duplicated.

I can see from the activity feed that this isn’t the work of the individual with whom I shared the library; additionally, “merge duplicates in bibliography” was checked off all along.

Has anyone else encountered something like this? What can I do to restore my library/remove these duplicates?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Libradarling,

Sorry about that. If you’re seeing duplicates of every reference in you sync/shared library, you mat have synced with a copy of the library you originally synced wiht. Once you sync a library to EndNote online, that remains the synced library. If you open any other library and sync, sync will merge the two.

You can remove duplicates by clicking the references menu/find duplicates. You can either go through each duplicate one by one or, if you click cancel on the find duplicates dialogue box, all duplicate references with be highlighted and you can drag them to the EndNote trash.

I hope this is helpful.

Hi Tom,

Hoping to follow up on the above post - I see how I can find duplicate references, but I don’t actually want to delete them, I would like to merge them into one copy.

I’m in the process of cleaning out a library that has tons of duplicate references and no real way to tell which references have been cited in which papers. I worry that if I arbitrarily delete one of them, any paper that referenced that particular citation will run into future issues.

Any advice would be great - thanks so much!



Hi Gavin-

Did you resolve this issue? I have exactly the same thing to deal with.