Duplicate References

Each time my endnote 6 starts to synchronize, I end up with multiple copies making my library multiply like gremlins, what can I do to ensure the duplications slow down?

I want the feature of backing up my references but at the rate the software is working I will max out my hard drive.

Standing by for any feed back…


Hi Craig,

It might be worthwhile for you to check out the Sync tutorial at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-taoGlhRY7k. There are some caveats with duplicates if you’ve used Transfer in the past, or if you are syncing with different desktop libraries which essentially performs a merge.

If you still think it’s duplicating incorrectly, we just need some more detailed steps to investage further.

Best regards,

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

If this is still an issue, please contact Technical Support - http://endnote.com/support/contact-support. There may be something else going on where they can assist to correct this behavior.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team