Syncing creates duplicates

I have EndNote 7.0.2.  When I sync, even though I have automatically discard duplicates checked, and appropriate check boxes switched on, I get tons of duplicates - right now I have over 1000 duplicates yet again.  How can I stop this?  And is there an easy way to delete the duplicates without having to go through and click every one to delete? 

Weird.  But if the duplicates are all new, you can run the find duplicates close the comparison window and then sort on the record number or added to library date and delete them that way.  

I suspect you should talk directly to tech support about starting over on the sync process, thus recreateding the online copy from your desktop.  There is a way to reset and then sync a new version of the desktop to the online, but it isn’t intuitive. 

Thanks, Leanne - I will call support