EBSCO - Connection File for Academic Search Elite (EBSCO HOST in Japan)


I am a newbie to EndNote and need help in obtaining a connection file for the EBSCO database called “Academic Search Elite”. I could not find this connect in the default list in Endnote.

To confuse things, I am accessing the database through a the Japanese arm of EBSCO (EBSCO HOST) and can only log on through the Japanese page link at:


Although the page layout is exactly the same as international EBSCO login website, I am unable to log on with my ID and password. The international EBSCO login website is at:


Could someone kindly advise me about how I should go about doing things so I can connect to this database via Endnote?

Looking forward to any assistance.


Darren McDonald

Daito Bunka University


It should be easy enough to create the connection file. Open the connection file called “Academic Search Premier” for editing, and in the Connection Settings, change the Database Name to afh

But you will need a username and password to access the Ebsco Z39.50 server. You will have to contact your librarian (or whoever pays for your access to Ebsco) to obtain these.

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Hello John

Apologies for not getting back sooner. I really appreciate the pointers! :slight_smile:

I just hope my University library staff are just as accommodating and supportive as you have proven to be. (I think I am teaching at the wrong place, The University of Queensland would be a great place to be at!)

Thanks again for equipping me with the information I need to move forward.


Darren McDonald