IBSS Ebsco Connection File

Switching from OVID to EBSCO for IBSS has affected my ability to search in IBSS and get complete file entries…the connection file refuses to use journal article as “Reference type” even though j.a. is the default. Endnote does not yet have an EBSCO IBSS connection file–has anyone had this problem?

Hi Carol,

There’s always the option to conduct your search in IBSS and simply export results directly to EndNote. Our users find direct export the most effective solution where offered. It often pulls in more fields/information for example. 



Dear Andrew,

Thanks for this advice. HOwever, I need to be able to do this from Endnote. I have about 50 libraries, each one more or less in my mind, and I don’t need duplicate references, which using IBSS directly would give me. I require Endnote (a bit dependent here) to search IBSS for me. IBSS is exactly what I need, not LIbrary of COngress, Oxford University,etc, and I require that search to be conducted from Endnote, happily having done so for the past many years. I don’t know why our new connection file through Ebsco does not function properly.


Are these references within an EndNote library?  If so, it would just require searching the library to locate and isolate the references then using the “Change and Move Fields” feature to perform a global change on the specific references.

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select TOOLS, SEARCH LIBRARY. This will display the search box at the bottom pane.

2.Enter the search criteria as: Author CONTAINS Price.  This will locate all the references where the author is named “Price” and display only these results in the search window.

3.In the search window select all the search results then go to the toolbar, select TOOLS, CHANGE AND MOVE FIELDS.

4.In the Change and Move Fields dialog box, in the “Change Fields” tab, click the pulldown menu to select the Author field. Then click the Change option: Replace whole field with.  Finally in the empty box type the corrected author’s name. Then click OK. 

NOTE:  Changes once made cannot be reversed so suggest practicing on a subset of your library first.