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Hi all, I’m just a beginner with Endnote, and I saw someone searching online directly through the “online search” feature, but I can’t manage to do the same. There are thousands of options, and many of them require subscription, but I believe this person was doing a free online bibliographical search.

I’d like to retrieve results from Elsevier/INFORMS journals (like EJOR and OR, for instance).

I have access to all content through my library website, but it’d be much easier if I could do everything from within Endnote.

Is it possible?

Tks a lot!

There aren’t many free connection files that will retrieve journal articles, except for Pubmed (medicine) and Agricola (agriculture).

Does your university subscribe to any of the  Web of Science/Web of Knowledge databases from Thomson? You should be able to search them from within EndNote using connection files. This will probably only work on campus, because it requires IP authentication.

Hi again,

If they do have  some subscription as you mentioned, them I have to download/configure anything, or just by using the university’s IP I should be able to research?

Tks again

The Web of Science connection files are certainly installed with the software, and probably the other Thomson Scientific connection files too.

Just use the Online Search function in EndNote and select the connection file for Web of Science or one of the other Thomson databases. You may be prompted for a username and password, but it will probably just be your normal university credentials. These connection files use IP recognition and the normal web protocol (HTTP).

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Thanks John, I’ll check it tomorrow and I’ll come back here to finish the post or report any problem.

problem solved, with the univ’s IP it works.