Edit and Manage Citations in CWYW

It would be useful to be able to sort the list of citations in the “edit and manage citations” box alphabetically in order to easily locate a citation in the text rather than having to scroll through a long document. The current help guide suggests that this is possible but the citation field cannot actually be sorted in this way at the moment.

I see what you mean.  The sort just sorts the citation groups and not the citations themselves.

What about taking advantage of the Hyperlinked references to “jump back” to the in text citation?  This is accomplished by putting your cursor in the reference and shift + F5 (or Alt+Back)? 

But I just tested and I think that only works if you originally jumped to the hyperlinked reference from the citation… or possibly if you only cited it once.  If you cite it more than once, it doesn’t automatically jump back to each of the links. 

Maybe a Word guru knows a word trick to go from hyperlinks to where they are hyperlinked from, even if hyperlinked from several places?  I tried googling for it, but wasn’t able to come up with anything.