Improved find where and how often a reference has been cited in my document

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once in a while when writing a long document I want to check all the places where a particular single reference has been cited , e.g. to verify the proper context at each place of citation.

Right now there seems to be only the way of opening the “Edit & Manage Citations” window and then manually scroll through that list, searching for each appearence by eye (cf. this thread in the How To discussions). The list is sorted in order of appearance (when hitting the column header “citation” (default)) or by frequency of citation (“count”), but cannot be sorted by, e.g. “record number” so that citations of the same reference would be listed one immediately after another. In that case it would be easy to browse through all places where a single reference is cited, even though they are far apart in the document and other references might be cited in between.

Alternatively , a button like “show only citations of currently marked reference” could filter the view of the “Edit & Manage Citations” window.

(For current workarounds see aforementioned thread in the How To discussions. )

Any comments, supportive or objective reasonings or suggestions are welcome.

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(recently migrated to ENX5 from EN9, using MS Word 2007)

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