Edit and manage Citations

How many of you think that the Edit & Manage Citations (while writing in word) should be rethink and improve ?

I don’t count haw many tickets I’ve opened with the (however great and efficient support staff) in order to suggest new features in this widow (and other features as well, but this would be for another topic), and now that I saw the new X7, I am very disappointed 

So back to the custom citations. As you know we have 3 fields: prefix, suffix, and pages. 

First of all, no option to format text written in the prefix and suffix fields : senseless and inconvenient.

Second, these fields, at least for the suffix, inherit sometimes the format any precedent field. So if you try to customize a particular citation in footnotes word (let’s say it’s on of your reference short form, taken from you output style), and the only field in this short form is the author field, and the authors names are set to be displayed in small caps, then any of the text written in the suffix field would be in small caps. Great isn’t it!!! Im ironic of course.

Third I’ve asked many time to program a fourth field in this window, that could act like a special custom one in which you could put any text you like, BUT (very important) which could be act as a normal field (like cited page) and such field could be place in the output style anywhere inside a reference type. Ingenious isn’t it ( I am not ironic this time). That would allowed any users of Endnote to have a better control on their customized footnotes citations. 

What you guy think ? Would help to have any comments even other ones ?



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I hope you don’t mind – I have moved this thread to the Product Suggestions forum, which seemed to suit the topic better.

Interesting suggestions on additional ways to handle citations.  

To get around the text formatting problem, I use an empty or custom field in my library which can be inserted into the citation (has to keep the ‘generic’ field name, as the citations are not ref type specific) and that can be formatted in the output style, or in the record itself.  When inserting ensure to use the link adjacent and separation characters, to prevent extraneous spaces and punctuation from appearing in the rest of the citations.  I believe the constraints on text formating in the endnote citation fields are imposed by the MSOffice field “features” which can’t be adjusted by external add-in developers.  

(just another user, with no affiliation with Endnote developers) 

Hi Flav.

I often come across the need/desire to make a reference within a reference.

An example might look like:

Bruce et al. (2014) How to hug a tree. In: Williams (2016) Deforestation for dummies. Journal. Issue etc…

I think this would be a great feature. Until then I just write the whole thing in title.

Hugatree:  Based on your example, have you tried Book Section? This allows you to give a chapter title and a book title. Some styles are even already set up to use the “in: Book title” format, or you can also edit any other style to format this way.