citation formats


I am trying out EndNote x6 with Microsoft Word 2007 (on Windows). The text I am preparing is using an author-year format (modified Harvard bibliography/citations). I have managed to edit the output style to get the bibliography to look what I need to, more or less.

Now I have a problem in getting the citations in the text to work as they should. In the templates of my selected style, I have the following styles:

**Citation** : (Author|, Year)**Citation - Author (Year)**: Author (|, Year)

 Using this, I have no problems in getting references such as (Smith, 2010) and like Smith (2010).

But how would I go about to get references that work well inside parantheses - like (e.g. Smith, 2010 ). Another case is a mention like (figure 2.2, Smith 2010 ).

Any tips are welcome - thanks!

these are done by edit citation>more and adding the text you want in the parentheses to the Prefix (or suffix if it is text to follow the citation).  Make sure you include the spaces after the text or punctuation, so it looks right. 

“e.g.<followed by a space>”  and “figure 2.2,<space>”  in the prefix fields for your examples. 

To illustrate your second example ((figure 2.2, Smith 2010) and Leanne’s first comment see the attached image which illustrates editing an in-text citation using the Prefix field.

Thanks - I actually figured that much out, but it feels like quite a dirty hack to me. Especially since that ‘figure 2.2’ is a reference/field in word, and that wouldn’t work in the ‘prefix’ clause, right?

Yes, there is the problem that Word doesn’t allow “fields” inside of a “field”, but perhaps not too surprising. 

This is one of those last minute edits you will need to do before submitting.