Edit citation problem in X4 (different to X2)


I’ve been using Endnote X2 for years and just upgraded to X4. When I’m writing I use short cut keys to insert and edit my citations. I generally edit the citation immediately after inserting it to add the page number. In X2, I used to click my cursor into the citation and then shortcut to ‘edit citation’ which would bring me up the citation I’ve clicked on. However, in X4 if you click a citation it takes you to the bibliography and it you go to edit citation elsewhere it brings up the full list of citations so I have to scroll through hundreds of entries to find the one I want to add a page number to. So my question is this: if I have inserted a citation and then choose to edit it, how do I get ‘edit citation’ to open at the citation I’m working on?



Hello James,

The reason it is jumping to the bibliography is that the option for hyper-linking in-text citations has been enabled. You can either disable this or you can use the right-click (or Control-click on the Mac) option to select > Edit Citation (s) > More. See the following Knowledge Base article for details:


You can turn off the hyper-linking option in EndNote. In EndNote, click the Tools > Cite While You Write > Format Bibliography command. This will take you to the EndNote X4 Format Bibliography dialog. Here you can turn off the option to “Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography” and click OK.

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