Editing citations in the text


I would like to be able to edit in text citations, so I can say (e.g., Blogs, 1990) but whenever I write in the e.g., a few seconds later it disappears. Can anyone explain how I do this? I am using APA 6th style, if that is relevant.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated!

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Right click on it. Edit citation. You’ll find lots of options.

Hi, I am also having trouble with editing citations in text, it allows me to edit but then reverts to what it was originally after a few minutes. My particular problem is that I have a few refs by the same author, e.g  (Jones, 2004, 2005, 2006), and Endnote insists on putting two commas between the dates, thus: Jones, 2004, , 2005, , 2006) . How can i get rid of these extra commas permanently?

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I too, have a problem with edit citations. Am using X4, and Word 2010. When I right-click on a citation  the pop-up window after “more” that is the “Endnote X4 Edit & Manage Citations” window has a listing of all the references in my paper (more than 200) in the order of appearance in the paper, and not highlighting the current citation. I have to scroll through the list before finding my citation.