Editing an existing import filter or saving a new one in Endnote x7

Recently I have been trying to edit an existing import filter and save this new version but have not been successful. When I try to save, I am asked to name it, I click on save but the save box remains on the screen and the word ‘copy’ is added to the name. The same happens when I try to create one.

I have modified filters in older versions and they worked fine. I have contacted our IT dept in case it is something to do with the way they have set it up on the network but am still waiting for a response.

Has anyone any suggestions?


the symptom you describe is usually because your folder location is pointing to the Program folder endnote filter location or other write protected location rather than a user accessible space.  This is in Endnotes “folder location” preferences (on a windows machine Edit>preferences, folder locations).  They should not point to the C: program folder drive location, as since Vista, Windows doesn’t allow writing to this area by the programs.  – usually it should point to your library or my documents Endnote/Filter folder.  Mine for example points here:  C:\Users\lmw\Documents\EndNote\Filters   (same for Connections and for styles)  – Endnote is smart enough to look for the original installed files in the program folder, AND your user designated folder.  

then you will be able to “save as” it without the neverending cycle!  

Thanks. I had to change the location in preferences. Deirdre