Import edited output style from Endnote X7 to WIndows..

I’m having trouble and I did not find any sollution.

I use two Mac computers and I’ve managed successfully to use my personal  output style between the two Mac computers by copying the file into the Styles folder.

Now I have a PC running Windows 7 and I installed Endnote X7. However, in spite of havying copied the file to the Styles folder (either the folder with preinstalled styles and to the folder with personal styles, inside “My Documents” folder), Endnote does not recognize my style and doesn’t let me use it.

Did anyone find the same issue? How can I solve it?

The problem is likely from the method used to install the filter. From the knowledgebase article “EndNote: Install additional Import Filters”:


Installing the Filter into EndNote X2 and later:


1.In Windows, or using your Macintosh Finder, browse to the location where you downloaded the Filter.

2.Double-click on the Filter file to open it. It should open in the EndNote program.

3.In EndNote, go to the “File Menu” and choose “Save as.”

4.Remove the word “copy” from the end of your Filter’s name, and then click the Save button.

5.Click on the “File Menu” and choose “Close Filter.”

And double check your Endnote preferences > folder locations to be sure that they are pointing to the folder you think they are pointing to.  –

One way to check, – double click on the filter and it will open in endnote, then select “save-as” and give it a new name.  Check if it is there in the folder you expect it to be in.