Problems with direct import after upgrading to X3.0.1

I recently upgraded from v9 to X3.0.1 and am experiencing a number of issues.

This morning I discovered, that I cannot direct import from web (I tried both JAMA and the New England Journal of Medicine).  When I click on the link provided, I get a message:

Do you want to save this file, or find a program online to open it?

With version 9 it used to ask for which library to open.

How can this be fixed?

I am running Windows XP Professional.  Don’t know if it matters, but the IT people who did the upgrade, initially just installed X3.  Later they uninstalled v9, because I could still see the toolbar under Add-ins in Word.


I tried following the advice in this post:

but it doesn’t work.  Interestingly, the preferences point to folders that do not seem to exist.

Firstly, there are differences between the way X1 files and folders work from X2 and X3.  Until you edit or save a new file, the preferences defined folders may not yet exist.  They will be generated if you do try to save a new filter or style.  The “installed” set of files for styles, filters and connections are (still) located in the Program Folder/Endnote location, but since these folders are not write accessible in Vista or Windows 2010, the developers created the dual folder system to overcome this problem.  In fact, I am not sure filters are need for downloads from these sites.    

Secondly different web browsers deal with the endnote (enw) files differently.  

On my machine, IE automatically opens the file (when I select “open”) in Endnote and inserts the record into the default library.  

Firefox asks me which program to open the file in, but gives me a check-box to use that program for subsequent download of that file type (perhaps IE gave me that option too at one point and now does so automatically).  Firefox knew that it should be Endnote, but this file association could have been removed by uninstalling EN9 after installing ENX3  I guess.  Check that the EN file types are correctly listed and associated with Endnote in the File association table (at least in XP, you can get to this, by opening a drive, tools, options, and looking at the “File Types” tab, sort on “Extensions” and going to the EN part of the list.  ENW and ENZ should both be associated with your current version of Endnote.

Google Chrome lists the file at the bottom of the window and when I click it (the equivalent of “open” option in other browsers) it opens Endnote and adds the reference to the default library.  Chrome too gives you a drop-down list which offers to remember to automatically open this file type in future.  

For any of these,  upon opening the file, if  Endnote is open, it inserts the record into the open library.  Thus I make sure a temporary library is open  before triggering the download, as the import feature doesn’t check for duplicates. After downloading a series of records, I can then  import the records in the temporary library into my main library, discarding duplicates.  

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