Editing an output style, EndNote X7 changing font formatting.

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Currently, I am working my manuscript use EndNote X7, with windows 8.1 Pro.  Concerning of making references, I have made a style according to International Journal of Health Geographics, and I had downloaded a style like attached.

I would like to ask you, how to editing an output style, EndNote X7 for changing font formatting italic only for “certain word” in the reference like below
1. Herdiana H, Cotter C, Coutrier FN et al: Malaria risk factor assessment using active and passive surveillance data from Aceh Besar, Indonesia, a low endemic, malaria elimination setting with Plasmodium knowlesi, Plasmodium vivax, and Plasmodium falciparum. Malar J 2016, 15(1):468.

How to creating font Italic in style manager for changing font Italic particularly only for some words like: “Plasmodium, the kind of Plasmodium such as knowlesi, vivax, and so on, and Anopheles, Anopheline,  zoophilic mosquitoes”  are also made in font formatting italic, and how to set the list of references document font to “times new roman from plain text” ?

The last but not least, Please give me a simple manual to making a similar style for “quotation” and for creating “the list of the references.” In order to my manuscript same with the target of the journal.

Please find attached, BMC Intl J Health Geog.ens, the style of the journal and a sample of the research article which free accessed in healthgeographics.biomedcentral.com.  

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BMC Intl J Health Geog1.ens (15.1 KB)


You would italicize the text in the record itself.  There would be no way for the output style to screen for words that should be italicized.  see attachment for editing italics in endnote record on windows.    


I don’t know what you mean about “quotation” but the “list of references” is generated by the output style as well (which you apparently have?) – you would export the article details from biomedcentral or by connecting thru pubmed and import directly into endnote from the “globe” online tools.  


To make sense of all this, I recommend you visit the youtube channel available from endnote.com/training links.   


The document to look at to learn how to edit output styles is here.  


You will probably also want to view this KB article about setting up your journal terms list. http://endnote.com/kb/82228



Dear  Leanne

Many thanks for the answer and the useful link. According to your advice, I have changed them in edit reference EndNote library. I did one by one that certain words should be italicized like Plasmodium, Anopheles, and I succeed to make the certain words in italic. 

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