Harvard problem

Hi, I am a newbie on this site and a complete novice to Endnote.

The program for the first time and I am trying use the ‘Harvard’ style. At first the bibliography was working ok and I was pleased but now for some reason or other the bibliograhphy does no longer italicise the sources. I found I had to edit the sources to italics myself.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or is it just me, in which case what have I done wrong?

I tried uninstalling the program and deletiong the styles, then reinstalled and downloaded the styles again just in case I somehow managed to courrupt something along the line. It looks as though the uninstall does not remove evrything as my few references are still there and so is the problem.

Please is there anyone online at the moment that can give me some direction?


Bibliography font format can be controlled in several ways. First, you can directly edit each entry in Endnote, but I suggest to leave them as “plain” font, unless you want to italicize species name, like Drosophila or C. elegans. Second, as you did, font can be changed in output style, but I suggest to leave them as “plain font” again, unless you always want particular font style for all the bibliography you make. Third, you can control font when you format, and see “Layout” tab. You can change the font, but you can’t make it bold or italics there. Then, lastly, fonts and italic/bold can be directly edited in Word.

If you check Endnote entry and style are set up as “plain” font, the problem is likely in Word. Most of the Endnote styles do not italicize bibliography, so I don’t know how you italicized. It must be one of the above mentioned. I suggest to unformat your document, copy and paste “special” to new document as unformatted text, then format by Endnote again. From there, you’d be able to figure out what’s going on.


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Hi mysoshigi thank you for you repsonse.

I am at present working my way through the ‘EndNote X2 Getting Started Guide’. I have found that when I switch to the Harvard style it italicizes fine iwhen the citation is entered into the Word document using the the example library (not my own). For these exercises I am using a new Word document and it seems all is well.

I will do as you suggest in your last paragraph a little later today and give you feedback and how I got on.

Once again, thanks, your help is much appreciated.


When you say “italicizes fine”, is your entire bibliography is italics, or only title or journal is italics?

That make a big difference to find out where is the problem.

No, not the entire bibliography - just the source - the title of the works.

Selecting ‘Harvard’ in the EndNote Style Manager and toggling the ‘Style info/Preview’ button gave me the description of the Harvard bibliograhy style and 3 examples of its use. These are what I was expecting to see in my document. I am still, in betweeen running errands and sorting the family out, working through the starting out exercises to see exactly what the program is cappable of. I am hoping to start using it seriuosly tomorrow.

When you get to the computer again, make sure you are using the same “Harvard” style you looked at, to format the paper in question.  The style will be visible when you manually “format bibliography” from the endnote toolbar in word.

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Hi Leanne,

Yes I have checked; there are two Harvard styles but I am definately using the right one. The Harvard referencing is working ok now I have started to use a new Word document? I am experiencing other problems now.

I am trying to rush to get one of my assignments finished and I am getting frustrated with my efforts and the program though I suspect it is just me; lack of practice, reading and preparation on the use of Endnote. It seems to be more of a hinderance at the moment, such that I may be better off typing the references in long hand for the time being; but I have much work to do in the future so it will be better for me to get used to the basics it now!

I am at this time stuck on trying to reference this quote properly . The reference went in ok but now I am trying to edit the citation I put in earlier; I am placing my curser within the reference and clicking the ‘edit citation’ but no matter what I do it does its own thing and puts all the bibliography in the list again? All I want to do is change the citation to (Gravells, 2008:18) for page 18. I will keep trying until I fall asleep?

“Diversity is about valuing the differences in people, whether that relates to gender, race, age, disability, or any other individual characteristics they may have”.(Gravells, 2008)

You need to change in-text citation template in your Harvard style definition. If the template doesn’t have “Cited Page”, it won’t display even you go “Edit citation” > “More” and enter “Pages”.

You need to change the in-text citation template something like this:

(Author, Year:Cited Pages)


Thank you Mioshigi and Leanne.

With your help I managed to get through my first assignment with all of my citations and bibliography dispalyed as my assessor wishes. Although there are many formats for Harvard I understand that they are all acceptable providing they styl is consistant throughout the document. My assessor would argue the toss; so I am pleased that together with my persistance and your knowledge I can rest assured that he will assess the assignment positively, well as far as the Harvard is concerned anyway.

I am now slowly moving up the Endnote learning curve and now under less pressure I will have the time to get to know how to use the software more effectively.

once again, thanks.