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I am trying to use the formatting style from the Journal of Biomechanics, which is not available in EndNote, so I’ve tried to modify a currently available one that is somewhat similar (which, I happen to have chosen, Journal of Applied Philosophy b/c it seemed pretty close).  However,the J Biomech has a style where the volume and issue is in bold, like this: 3(2)  then followed by a , and the page numbers:  142-150   like this: 3(2),142-150.

This seems to work fine when the journal article I cite has an issue listed,

However, not all journal articles have an issue to cite so the result is this, as an example:

Hamill, J., Bates, B. T., Knutzen, K. M., Kirkpatrick, G. M, (1989) Relationship between Selected Static and Dynamic Lower Extremity Measures. Clin Biomech. **4(**217-225.

Where the page numbers end up being read as the issue, and not as page numbers.

Any ideas how to modify the format so if there is no issue the page numbers are still followed by the volume, (with no () )?

Any tips would be much appreciated!!  Thanks  

Try “separate” Issue from preceding Volume and following comma, using a vertical bar separator, as follows.


This make two parentheses ( and ) dependent on the presence of Issue field, which means if Issue field is empty, parentheses are also gone. The reason why you had only the opening parenthesis ( is, it was dependent on the presence of preceding field: Volume, but the closing parenthesis ) disappeared because it was dependent on the presence of Issue. Then, comma also disappear together.

You can make them bold, of course.

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