Why does Endnote 'forget' to include journal issue numbers in the bibliography?

Why does Endnote ‘forget’ to include journal issue numbers in the bibliography?

E.g.:  Anidjar, Gil. 2006. ‘Secularism’, Critical inquiry, 33: 52-77.


Because that is defined by the output style.  Most publishers don’t require issue number but you can edit your output style to include it, if it is needed.    Author (Year). Title. Journal| Volume|:Issue|, Pages|.

It depends on which output style you have selected - many journals do not include the issue number in the references section. You can either:

  1. Change to an output style that inclues issue numbers - using the output dropdown menu in the main toolbar.
  2. Edit the output style to include the issue number - Edit menu - Output Style - Edit “name of the style you have chosen” (obviously the name will be whatever style you have selected). Then go to the Templates section under bibliography. Go to the entry for Journal article and put your cursor after the word volume, between the space (dot) and the vertical line, then go to the insert field button and choose issue. You should probably put brackets around the word issue and put a space after it. 

It should look like this: |Volume (Issue) |  except that in Endnote the spaces will look like dots.

Then choose file - save as - and name it something unique. 

Then make sure this style is chosen in the output style window in both the endnote toolbar and in the endnote toolbar in MS word.

I hope this helps.

Oops you beat me to it leanne!! 

Yours was much more informative Ben!