Journals with no issue numbers!

Hi everyone,

Some journals use volume numbers but not issue numbers. Such journals are appearing on my reference list as follows:

Stolowy, H., Paugam, L. and Gendron, Y. (2022), “Competing for narrative authority in capital markets: activist short sellers vs. financial analysts”, Accounting, Organizations and Society, Vol. 100 No., pp. 101334.

Obviously, I would rather that the emboldened ‘no.’ was omitted entirely.

In style manager, the template for journals is as follows:

Author (Year), “Title”, Journal, Vol. Volume| No. Issue|, pp. Pages|.

I think the issue relates to the use of ‘link adjacent field’ but whatever way I edit Style Manager, issue number is still coming up, regardless of whether the journal uses issue numbers or not.

Bottom line – I want issue number to only appear on my reference list for journals that actually use issue numbers :blush:

Any help very much appreciated, with thanks!

the space before and after “No.” need to be “link adjacent”, you need to “save as” and give it a unique new name for the style, and then change to that style in your word document endnote ribbon. remember to check you are changing all ref types that might have that field (electronic, possibly book section, generic, etc).