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A customer asked about formatting of journal articles in APA style and we found that if a journal is continuously paged through the volume, then the issue number is not supposed to be included in the citation. If a journal begins each issue with page 1, then the issue number *is* supposed to be included. I assume that the EndNote style does not account for that difference. What do people do in this case? (For example, in Word 2007 and EndNote X1, one could convert references to plain text and then individually edit the citations that were not in official APA format. Another possibility is just allowing the extra issue number to be included even though a journal’s paging is continuous through a volume.)

Non-EndNote question, is there a reference book that will indicate if a journal is paged continuously through volumes (so that someone could check a bibliography to see what items might need to be edited)?

Finally, what other issues are there with using the APA style in EndNote at present?

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The revision to APA 5th style in 2007 (published in APA style guide to electronic references) included a change to the handling of issue numbers. On p. 2 of this publication it states “for journal articles, always include the journal issue number (if available) along with the volume number, regardless of whether the journal is paginated separately by issue or continuously by volume.” This obviously makes working with such details in EndNote much easier, as there is no longer the need to check the handling of pagination by each journal.



Thank God for this. This was a change that was long overdue.


The following reference does not print the actual name of the journal when electronic article is selected as the reference type.  It just prints the word Journal in itallics.  How can this be corrected?


Jackson, D., Firtko, A., & Edenborough, M. (2007). Presonal resilience as a strategy for surviving and thriving in the face of workplace adversity: a literature review. Journal, 60(1), 1-9. Retrieved from

Recently when working with a customer, we were seeing that the word “Journal” was displaying in the citation instead of the name of the journal. We downloaded the most recent APA Style file from the EndNote site and that resolved the issue.

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Does the guideline about always including journal issue number in the APA Style Guide to Electronic References also apply to printed references?

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Despite appearing in a section headed “Elements to Include in References to Electronic Sources”, I believe that the new rule to include issue numbers (whenever available) applies to any journal, electronic or print.

This is why I think so: The relevant paragraph on p. 2 of the APA style guide to electronic references [ASGER] does not explicitly limit the change to electronic journals. Furthermore, the change is to a rule that appears on p. 227 of the APA publication manual, which is outside the section (4.16, pp. 268-281) updated by ASGER. Finally, the following paragraph in ASGER discusses the importance of consistency of referencing style in the current environment of machine indexing, so an inconsistency between print and electronic journal article referencing would be very odd.

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Message Edited by John-Arnold on 06-03-2008 10:57 AM

Thank you, that helped for true Journal Articles that have all the reference information, but left the true web articles without the URL reference.  How do you handle web articles to get the URL and still get the full Journal Name. and not just Journal?

Hello mrichez,

The Electronic Article reference type doesn’t have a “Journal” or “Journal Title” field.

It actually has a “Periodical Title” field instead.  As such, if you’re using a style which included the “Journal” field in it’s format, this will need to be replaced with the Periodical Title field instead (it’s really the same field with a different name).\

The version of APA 5th included with EndNote X1 should have this correctly set, as should the version available on our website…



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When a true electonic article (web page - Not a Jounal Article - ‘electronic version’ with all the appropriate volume and issue information),  a true electronic article is your reference type only the first word of the periodical title prints out - which in my case just happens to be the word ‘journal’.  How can I get the entire name of the periodical to print out along with the URL?


Jackson, D., Firtko, A., & Edenborough, M. (2007). Presonal resilience as a strategy for surviving and thriving in the face of workplace adversity: a literature review. Journal, Retrieved from 

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According to the APA style guide to electronic references, the example you give would be referenced the same way whether accessed in print or electronically, as the article’s content is identical in both formats. The reference would be (suitably indented, of course):

Jackson, D., Firtko, A., & Edenborough, M. (2007). Presonal resilience as a strategy for surviving and thriving in the face of workplace adversity: a literature review. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 60(1), 1–9. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2648.2007.04412.x

… and in EndNote the Journal Article reference type would be used.



Hello again, Madeline.

My style results in the following…

Polly, P. D. (2004). On the Simulation of the Evolution of Morphological Shape: Multivariate Shape Under Selection and Drift [Electronic Version]. Journal of Palaeontologia Electronica, 7. Retrieved April 19, 2005, from

What I would check at this point would be the style itself, and make sure it uses “Periodical Name” instead of the “Journal” field.

To do so…

1)  Open EndNote

2)  Click the Edit Menu

3)  Click Output Styles

4)  Click Open Style Manger

5)  Find and double-click APA 5th on the list

6)  Click “Templates” under the Bibliography heading

7)  Find “Electronic Article” and see if it lists "Journal" or “Periodical Name” in the template for that reference type.

If it lists Journal, then delete the word Journal.  With the cursor in the location where the Journal field identifier used to be, click the Insert Field button (upper right corner) and click “Periodical Name”.  You may need to italicize Periodical Name after inserting it.  Then, Save and close the style.

Additionally, does this occur with any other Electronic Articles you’ve entered, or just this one who’s Periodical Name begins with “Journal”?


There’s not a single example of the use of [Electronic Version] in the APA style guide to electronic references - and so I believe “[Electronic Version]” is no longer used in APA-style referencing. Instead, where relevant, a more descriptive note (without []) is added after the pages and before the retrieval statement, e.g. “Advance online publication.” or “Manuscript in publication.”

So according to the new APA 5th rules (cf. example 2 on p. 7 of the style guide, which is an ejournal like this one), this reference should not have any descriptive note, and would be

Polly, P. D. (2004). On the simulation of the evolution of morphological shape: Multivariate shape under selection and drift. Journal of Palaeontologia Electronica, 7(2). Retrieved from

Furthermore, the EndNote APA 5th output style should not have [] always surrounding the Type of Article field, as this punctuation is almost invariably absent now.



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Which EndNote resource type should be selected to get this appropriately formated reference?

Reference Type “Electronic Article” should work if the template is correct (see SteveH’s post 6/6 above). Do not include a date of retrieval (another change made in APA style guide to electronic references - retrieval dates are not included unless the item has no date), nor fill in Type of Work.

(As it happens, for the APA 5th output style we have made the template for “Journal Article” and “Electronic Article” identical [mutatis mutandis], since it is debatable whether such a distinction is applicable any more in this referencing style. It’s worth keeping both referencing types in EndNote, though, as if you need to change to another style that style may handle print and electronic articles differently).



I simply don’t include that information in the number section

In my EndNoteX2, the Jounal Article reference type doesn’t have the DOI # as one of the fields, making it different from the format for an Electronic Article.